No posts under the topic “Voluntarist”? You gotta be kidding. Fine. Here’s one:

A voluntarist is one who believes that all interactions between people should be voluntary, that it is wrong for one person to force another person to do anything above or beyond the obligations we have, one to another, according to the demands of natural law. We eat, drink, breathe, sleep, live and die by the non aggression principal, which is that it is a crime to cause an uninvited change in the person or property of another, that the initiation of force is always wrong, for EVERYONE, including government. We believe that natural law is sufficient for governing the actions of people, that natural law cannot be improved upon, and that legislation can only pervert law, or confound our ability to perceive natural law.

The voluntarist is often confused with the pacifist. This is a mistake. This confusion is due to a misunderstanding of the non aggression principal, which states that it is a crime to INITIATE  force. Some people read over the word initiate, sometimes even when it is written in all caps. Initiate means to begin to use force even though the other party has not begun to use force or threatened any force. Violations of the NAP should never be tolerated. When the NAP is violated, society has an obligation, not only to resist the offender with any force necessary to stop the violation, but also to cause the victim to be restored, insofar as it is possible, to whatever state that victim was in before the violation, by the offender; that is to require that the offender make it right.

The voluntarist is also sometimes called an anarchist. That’s fine as long as anarchy is understood as the absence of any unilaterally coercive ruler. Sometimes the anarchist is confused for one who opposes any hierarchy. While there are some who think that way and also call themselves anarchists, it should be understood that that understanding of the word “anarchy” is due to a misunderstanding of the etymology of the word “anarchy”, which is from the French, Latin and Greek words for “ruler”, understood as a governor, and not just any person in charge.

It should also be understood that the voluntarist doesn’t really care if there is a governor or not, as long as that governor doesn’t have a monopoly on the use of force, and the no exception is made to the NAP or any other natural law for the sake of that governor.

There’s a lot more to be said about this, but I need to go to bed.



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